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How to Grip Golf Clubs Correctly

Article On: How to Grip Clubs Correctly

You may be a swing expert; however, if your grip is not impeccable, you will never hit the ball consistently.

The grip transfers the power from the large muscles in your body to the club, and delivers the club face in a square position on impact.

Tiger Woods and other professionals are very exact about how they place their hands on the club, and if golf is a sport you want to master, you should be too.

The golf club grip affects the direction, distance and trajectory of your shots:

- If your shots are slicing to the right, rotate both hands on the club to the right.

- To eliminate hooks, rotate your hands to the left.

- If you grab the club too tight, you will sacrifice distance and your shots will fly a very low trajectory.

- If your grip is too loose, your shots will be weak, and you will miss the target in both directions.

In plain words, the grip is vital; thus, here we show you everything you need to know about how to grip golf clubs correctly:

Grip types

There are 3 types of grips:

- The overlap grip, which is used by most professionals and consists of putting the pinkie finger of your right hand over the index finger of your left hand.

- The interlocking grip, which is preferred by most female players and consists of hooking the pinkie finger of the right hand and the index finger of the left hand together.

- The ten finger grip, which is mostly used by children and players with small hands and consists of grabbing the club with all ten fingers.

The grip’s purpose

A good grip will let your wrists hinge and unhinge naturally, and your forearms rotate efficiently during the swing.

To accomplish this, put the club in both hands’ fingers instead of putting it in your palms. 

To confirm the club is correctly placed in your hands, verify that its shaft is forming a 90-degree angle with your left forearm at the top of your backswing.

Grip classification

Grips can be classified in 3 groups depending on the alignment of the Vs of each hand, which are the lines formed between the thumb and forefinger:

- Weak grips, which show the V’s alignment towards your right cheek and help prevent hooks.

- Strong grips, which show the V’s alignment towards your right shoulder and help prevent slices.

- Neutral grips, which show the Vs between the two above, towards your right ear.

You must try the three grips to identify the one that produces the best shots for your swing.

Grip time frame

It takes time to change your grip, and it may feel weird and uncomfortable at the beginning.

You may find it hard for weeks, but if you don’t give up, eventually your shots will become longer and more accurate. 

Additionally, you should readjust your grip regularly to make sure you are getting the most out of it and your golf game.

Thumb Caddy is a simple grip aid that teaches you how to grip golf clubs properly and to align them correctly every time. 

It is an inch long, U-shaped plastic device wrapped in a coat of soft rubber that clips onto the thinnest part of the shaft and slides up onto the middle of the grip.

The Thumb Caddy aligns with the club logo or the club face, depending on the type of club, to guide you on how to grip golf clubs during the swing. 

It allows you to maintain proper club alignment, and with a square club face, you'll consistently hit straighter and longer shots with more accuracy.

It also promotes optimum grip pressure and prevents you from doing the “death grip”, in other words gripping the handle too tight. 

With Thumb Caddy you will be able to hinge and unhinge with more speed and power, resulting in more accuracy and distance. This is why it serves a wide range of golf enthusiasts:

- Teaching Pros use it in their lessons to teach beginners and children how to grip golf clubs.

- Low Handicappers practice with Thumb Caddy to build proper muscle memory and then slip it off their grip to play a competitive round.

- Recreational golfers put one on all their clubs and use it as a full time playing aid to pull off the correct golf grip every time.

The end result is the same: if you know how to grip golf clubs correctly, you will eliminate hooks and slices and take strokes off your game!

We invite you to contact us with your questions and comments, and to access our FAQs page to learn everything about the Thumb Caddy. 

Visit our online store to find the Thumb Caddy you need to learn the correct golf grip.

We also offer you an instructional video that explains in four minutes how to properly use the Thumb Caddy. 

As you will confirm, it is as easy as: Snap it, Fit it, and Grip it.

When you are ready to get the Thumb Caddy, check out our retail locations or order online right away… we offer free shipping on all orders!

How to Grip Clubs Correctly with the Thumb Caddy


Snap the Thumb Caddy onto the thinnest part of the golf shaft with the arrow pointing toward club head. Slide the Thumb Caddy up to the middle of the golf grip.


For a little leverage, position the golf club with the head on the ground and the top of grip against your stomach.


Position the Thumb Caddy so that it is lined up with the club logo or the golf club face, depending on your club. Simple!

Golf Club Grip Thumb Caddy

Look down the golf shaft and see that the yellow center of the Thumb Caddy is in line with the face of the club.


Once positioned, just put your thumb into the Thumb Caddy. Right hand golfers place left thumb. Left hand golfers place right thumb.


Create the muscle memory for a proper swing every time - Starting at just $19.99

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It is our simple technology that produces the proper swing.

- A stable grip prevents the tendency to turn your grip during the swing, what is commonly referred to as re-gripping.

- The Thumb Caddy allows you to maintain proper club alignment and with a square club face, you'll consistently hit straighter and longer shots with more accuracy.

- The Thumb Caddy also promotes optimum grip pressure and prevents you from gripping the handle too tightly, what the pros call "the death grip."

- With Thumb Caddy you will be able to hinge and unhinge with more speed and power - resulting in more accuracy and distance!

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