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Improve Swing with Thumb Caddy Golf Grip | Proper Golf Swing

Thumb Caddy is a simple grip aid that ensures the proper grip and proper club alignment - Every Time!

Golf Teaching Professionals throughout the world agree: The proper grip is the foundation for a consistent and repeatable swing.  With the proper grip, the club face remains perfectly square at the moment of impact -- which is essential for consistent ball striking!

Thumb Caddy Grip

The Product

Thumb Caddy is an inch long, U shaped plastic device wrapped in a coat of soft rubber that clips onto the thinnest part of the shaft and slides up onto the middle of the grip. The Thumb Caddy is then aligned with the club logo or the club face, depending on the type of club.

How it Works

Proper Golf Swing- Thumb Caddy keeps your grip consistent throughout the swing. A stable grip prevents the tendency to turn your grip during the swing, what is commonly referred to as re-gripping. Thumb Caddy allows you to maintain proper club alignment and with a square club face, you'll consistently hit straighter and longer shots with more accuracy.

The Thumb Caddy also promotes optimum grip pressure and prevents you from gripping the handle too tightly, what the pros call "the death grip." You should hold the club lightly enough to allow for plenty of wrist freedom and feel, but firmly enough to maintain control throughout your swing.  With Thumb Caddy you will be able to hinge and unhinge with more speed and power - resulting in more accuracy and distance!

A Grip Aid for Everyone

Thumb Caddy is used by a wide range of golf participants. Teaching Pros use Thumb Caddy in their lessons to reinforce a proper grip technique with beginners and children. Low Handicappers will practice with Thumb Caddy to build proper muscle memory and then slip it off their grip to play a competitive round. And recreational golfers will put one all their clubs and use as a full time playing aid. The end result is the same: with the proper grip you will eliminate hooks and slices and take strokes off your game!

It's Easy...Just Snap It, Fit It, Grip It and RIP IT!

Thumb Caddy fits on the shaft of any club and can be used by both Right and Left handed players.

  • For all levels and ages
  • Attaches to any club in seconds
  • Perfect for practice and perfect for play
  • Put one on all of your clubs
  • Eliminate Hooks and Slices!

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