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We all know that a great golf swing begins with the proper grip. So why do golfers struggle with this seemingly simple component of the game? The answer is debatable, but there seems to be a never-ending supply of golf grip training aids to help vanquish this stubborn problem.

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Golf Partners Club Thumb Caddy Review

Well, after a few rounds of using the Thumb Caddy, we were amazed. The slice was gone. Shots were consistently accurate--all because of this 1-inch ring.

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Journey To Scratch Thumb Caddy Review

The Thumb Caddy is a clever golf training aid.  It’s main purpose is to help players stop regripping the golf club.

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FrontPageGolf Thumb Caddy Review

There’s an old golf adage that says a good swing starts
with a good grip. Even the best player of all time, Jack
Nicklaus, thought that was true.

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