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FrontPageGolf Thumb Caddy Review

There’s an old golf adage that says a good swing starts
with a good grip. Even the best player of all time, Jack
Nicklaus, thought that was true.


Each year prior to start

of the PGA Tour season the Golden Bear would visit

Jack Grout, his mentor and coach since he was a boy,

and they would go back to basics in order to prepare for

the new year. The first basic Nicklaus and Grout

checked? His grip.


If Nicklaus thought the grip was that important then the

average weekend warrior should certainly pay attention.


Want more proof? In perhaps the most iconic golf

instruction book ever, Ben Hogan’s “Five Lessons The

Modern Fundamentals of Golf,” the Hawk devotes 19

pages to the grip. Any teaching professional will tell you

what Hogan said in that 1957 opus is just as true today.


There must be several hundreds golf teaching aids on the

market causing confusion, misunderstandings and

disbelief (think of almost any Infomercial you’ve seen),

however that does not preclude a teaching aid that is not

only simple in concept but easy and effective to use.

Enter the Thumb Caddy.


More practical than the old “reminder-grip” since you can

hit balls with it and regardless of the style grip used, be it

the Vardon or interlocking or ten fingers, the Thumb

Caddie positions the left thumb (for a right handed player)

properly on the top of the shaft.


To use it just spread it apart, slide it on to the shaft over

the lower part of the grip aligning the arrow on the Thumb

Caddy and it’s in place. Easy to install or remove and use.

It may not make you the next Hogan or Nicklaus but it will

show you how to correctly place you hands which is the

start of a good swing.



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