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"Achieved my own illuminating golf epiphany."

The Thumb Caddy - A Truth-Revealing Training Tool

The Thumb Caddy helped me to identify my grip and swing faults in a matter of seconds. Really, it's an ingenious tool. Unlike other grip training aids which required an actual change of grips (thus rendering the club as a training aid only), the Thumb Caddy can attach and detach easily from the grip of any of my clubs, turning my Driver, 7 iron, or even putter, into a training club on an as-needed basis.

The instantly noticeable thing when using the Thumb Caddy - true to its name - is the placement and directional position of my left thumb. As an amateur, I never paid much attention to my left thumb. My left pinkie, ring and middle fingers dominate that hand's sense of touch to the grip and the club. Perhaps because it is covered over by my right hand gripping the club, the left thumb was out of sight, out of mind. The Thumb Caddy "pulls back the curtain" in a way, and innately revealed to me the fact that my left thumb's position controlled my left hand's grip and, ultimately, the club face.

This was a revelation.

I had experienced times on the course when I simply knew if my clubface was open, shut, or square, mid-swing, but the Thumb Caddy made this knowledge readily available. By knowing where the clubface was, I was able to identify my swing path and learn from the results. Now, I knew that I was coming over the top by learning and watching. The fault lay with my swing path, because post-impact with a clubface that felt square, the ball went left. Identifying the reason behind the ball flight allowed me to make the proper adjustments (changing how I approached the ball rather than aiming farther right).

I found the Thumb Caddy to be a wonderful teaching tool, because it allowed me as a student to discover the answers myself. Rather than just being told by an instructor "hey, you're coming over the top," the Thumb Caddy allowed me to feel and control the clubhead and thus achieve my own illuminating golf epiphany.

I highly recommend the Thumb Caddy to every golfer who seeks to feel the Truth in their swing!


Ramesh Sundaresan
DC Tour Director


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