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The Hacker's Paradise Thumb Caddy Review

I was able to review a truly unique product called the Thumb Caddy that not only shows you what a proper grip looks like, but what it feels like

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"I have a single digit handicap"

I could not believe the first time I tried the Thumb Caddy! I have a single digit handicap but had a terrible snap hook and draw. I would play everything far right and hope I didn't push the ball into the houses! i ordered the Thumb Caddy and immediately saw an improvement! It would not allow me to roll my right hand and it forced me to come through the ball on the proper swing plane.

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Thoughts from a Top PGA Teaching Pro

Sometimes the best things come in small packages! Thumb Caddy is a simple, small, yet highly effective training aid. It teaches students the proper grip as well as lets them know how their hands and the grip specifically play a vital role in playing good golf.
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"Achieved my own illuminating golf epiphany."

The Thumb Caddy - A Truth-Revealing Training Tool

The Thumb Caddy helped me to identify my grip and swing faults in a matter of seconds. Really, it's an ingenious tool. Unlike other grip training aids which required an actual change of grips (thus rendering the club as a training aid only), the Thumb Caddy can attach and detach easily from the grip of any of my clubs, turning my Driver, 7 iron, or even putter, into a training club on an as-needed basis.

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